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Phase 4 Kick Off. March 31!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021


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South Whitehall is entering Phase 4 of the Comprehensive Plan Update with a virtual kickoff meeting on Wednesday, March 31st from 6-8PM. In collaboration with the community, the Township has been working to update the 2009 Comprehensive Plan. The Phase 4 Virtual Kickoff Meeting will provide an update on the comprehensive plan process and an opportunity to learn more and sign up for the Phase 4 Working Groups.

Phase 4 is focused on identifying, discussing, and developing recommended actions, policies, and programs to be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan Update. These draft recommendations will be developed through the community volunteer Phase 4 Working Groups – reflecting five major topic areas of the comprehensive plan process that align with the required PA Municipal Planning Code (MPC) sections:

  • Housing;

  • Transportation [multi-modal; transit; vehicular];

  • Community Facilities [parks and recreation; education; emergency services];

  • Community Utilities;

  • Resource Protection [agriculture, environmental, and historic resources].

At the March 31st Phase 4 Virtual Kickoff Meeting, the community will:

  • Receive an introduction to Phase 4 from Township staff,

  • Review the Phase 4 Working Group process

  • Engage in up to three breakout sessions to learn more about the five working group topics – Housing, Transportation, Community Facilities, Community Utilities, and Resource Protection.

  • Sign up to participate in the future voluntary Phase 4 Working Groups.

Phase 4 of the Comprehensive Plan Update is being facilitated by Michael Baker International, Inc. The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) is engaging as a subject matter expert to provide insights on the five Phase 4 Working Group topics.

Stay tuned for links to the virtual meeting information. Recordings of the meeting, including all breakout sessions will be provided digitally.

Interested community members can sign up to attend and receive updates related to the Phase 4 Virtual Kickoff Meeting by visiting our Google Form


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