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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

"With an eye toward the future, South Whitehall begins process of updating comprehensive plan", June 19, 2019 article from The Morning Call, by Kevin Duffy. Click Here

"What is the future of South Whitehall Township? That's for you to Decide", May 30, 2019 article from The Morning Call, by Sarah M. Wojcik. Click Here


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Phase 4 Kick-Off Meeting Materials

Video, Slides and Word Clouds from the March 31st Comp Plan Phase 4 Kick-off meeting are now available on the Township website via this link.

Register for Phase 4 Working Groups

South Whitehall Township is entering Phase 4 of the Comprehensive Plan Update. Phase 4 is focused on identifying, discussing, and developing recommended goals, policies, and actions to be incorporated